Direct Hire

Our secret to success in the temp-to-hire field isn't complicated. We care. That's a huge part about what we do in this space.

We humble ourselves and spend the time with each candidate.  Our employees are prepared.  They know where they're going, what they're doing when they get there, how they're going to do it and why.

We stay ready.  When the Customer needs us, we act with urgency. We can call on our pipeline of folks we cultivated specifically for your organization.

We come to work everyday and display the same grit and toughness our employees are expected to show in the field​.  Combined with attention to detail and attentive communication, we simply execute better than anyone else.


You have a very specific role within your organization and want to hire the best person to fill it. We'll find the perfect fit and handle everything in between. Our system mitigates common pitfalls and avoids losing the right candidate at the point of offer, or being rejected for an outside counteroffer.

We will...

  • Build a position profile
  • Source, screen and submit candidates
  • Facilitate the interview process
  • Conduct background and reference checks
  • Negotiate and secure an acceptable offer
  • Guarantee our placement 

You will receive more than just a resume in your inbox. We have thorough overviews, in-depth debriefs and a robust video platform that you'll love! 

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Hiring quality talent is one of the most challenging aspects of running a successful business. The "Other" Agencies'  approach of simply throwing as many bodies and resumés at Hiring Managers isn't working for anyone.

That's why we focus on telling your story; selling uniqueness beyond job descriptions.  We listen to applicants and what's important to them.  We must form a relationship and bring Customers and Candidates together to foster success and trust.

​Volume is never part of our strategy, quality results are. Your time is too important.  That's why we are so focused on doing things the right way.