Our Clients

Our secret to success in the temp-to-hire field isn't complicated. We CARE. That's the most crucial part about what we do in this space.

We care enough to interview for each and every position. We don't lump everyone together and "send them to the next opening". Our employees know where they're going, what they're doing when they get there, how they're doing it and why. When we're needed, by our employees or our clients, we are here. We react with immediacy and our mantra is always DO THE RIGHT THING. We care greatly for our employees and clients and we treat each like family, no exceptions.

Each employee is prepared specifically for the position they'll fill, specifically for your company. We keep a "pipeline" of candidates prepared to start as needed. Our process is designed to mitigate turnover and keep employees engaged and HAPPY. 



You have a very specific role within your organization and want to hire a very specific person to fill it. We'll handle everything in between. Our system mitigates common pitfalls, avoiding losing the right candidate at the point of offer or being rejected for a higher bidder or counteroffer.

We will...

  • Build a position profile
  • Source, screen and submit candidates
  • Facilitate the interview process
  • Conduct background and reference checks
  • Negotiate and secure an accepted offer
  • Guarantee our placement 

When we find the right candidate, you'll see more than just a resume in your inbox. We have thorough overviews, in-depth debriefs and a really cool video feature that you'll love! 

Right now hiring is one of the most challenging aspects of running a successful company. Somebody throwing as many resumes at as many clients as possible, isn't generating excitement in candidates. They're peddling the "best of the rest". 

That's why we focus on telling your story, selling uniqueness beyond job descriptions and why we have detailed conversations, not brief one-way interviews. Only through bringing value to the candidate can we leverage trust and rapport, to cultivate talented pipelines of candidates, specifically for your company and your opening. 

​Volume is never part of our strategy, quality results are. Whether you're hiring your next "rockstar" or looking for the next company to call "home", let us show you how smoothly the hiring process can be, when it's done RIGHT.

Direct Hire